Never Lose Another Lens Cap With X-Cap 0

Camera lens caps, due to its small form, is one of those things that gets lost easily. Point and shoot camera owners will never experience missing a lens cap because their cameras have built-in lens caps that automatically closes when not in use. However, interchangeable lens camera owners have this dilemma ever since lens caps were invented. But all is not lost as the new X-Cap is here to change that.

The X-Cap is an innovative lens cap concocted in Taiwan for DSLR, MFT, and other cameras with a lens that doesn’t fully retract. The X-Cap is mounted in front of the lens and automatically closes when the lens is retracted and opens again when the lens is extended. This means you don’t have to miss another single lens cap in your life — unless, of course, if you remove the X-Cap because you don’t like it anymore.

See it in action here:

If you’re wondering how much the X-Cap will cost or what cameras are compatible with this new gear, we’ll all have to wait another couple of months before that information becomes available.

For the meantime, hold on to your handy removable lens cap — and please don’t forget where you put it this time.

[Gizmodo via Petapixel]