Neurocam Reads Your Brain To Automatically Record Videos 0

Specifically your brain waves.

Neurocam is the latest concept product that comes out from the Neurowear project, the same outfit that introduced the animated cat ears.

The prototype that’s been demoed at the recent Human Sensing 2013 in Japan, shows a headband type of wearable device that lets you strap an iPhone at the side of your head.

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Sounds like a fun idea for fanboys to show their Apple gear, but the iPhone here is used as the recording device of choice by the developers for the Neurocam’s brainwave sensor.


The Neurocam measures your brainwave output to start recording videos. If the readout gets over 60, the camera automatically records a five-second footage, or what we call GIFs.


Basically the gadget is only triggered when you’re looking at something you considered very interesting. Which could mean a lot of cat GIFs, for the feline lovers of course.

Anyway, the whole thing is still in development. Maybe they’ll ditch the iPhone and use something that’s not as conspicuous. At least they’re not using an iPad mini.