Nethra Imaging Announces HD 1080p Visual and Computing Platform System-on-Chip 0

Many hobbyists follow the breaking news and latest rumors about their preferred camera and accessory manufacturers. However, it’s the extreme photography enthusiasts who keep track of the latest when it comes to advancements on the parts that make up their shooters. Something for the latter group to get excited about is Nethra Imaging’s announcement on the availability of their new ultra-low power computing platform System-on-Chip (SoC): the NI-5035.

Nethra’s SoC can deliver high definition 1080p video and multi-Megapixel image capture capabilities. Aside from that, it also allows streaming at near-zero latency. The NI-5035 is targeted for use towards high growth and demanding applications, like action and sport activity camcorders, surveillance cameras, and network IP security setups.

Nethra Imaging

Ramesh Singh, Nethra Imaging’s CEO, explains: “Unlike DSP based solutions available today, the NI-5035’s unique true hardware-accelerated architecture enables a much lower power profile and far greater control over the visual pipeline with the lowest-possible latency possible.” He adds: “We will see this chip enable innovative, new form factor, super compact HD video cameras with long battery life, video electronic image stabilization and excellent image and video quality.”

The chip will be able to improve output quality, as its wide dynamic range pipeline can deliver excellent low-light to bright-light image and video quality. It can also deliver  cinematic video quality and provide system designers with a greater choice in image sensor as it can implement advanced noise reduction including 3D temporal de-noise, video electronic image stabilization and Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering (MCTF).

The NI-5035 is still being designed into multiple applications and will be made available for volume production in the second quarter of this year. Interested parties can contact Nethra Imaging for pricing information by emailing or by calling them at (408) 257-5880.

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