Need to Shoot Solo? Want Great Lighting? Then Set Up Your Own OctoDome Backpack 0

In order to make it big as a photographer, you’ve got to be flexible, versatile, and be quick to adapt to changing circumstances as they happen. You won’t always have the luxury of working with an assistant to help out with the lighting, especially if you’re working on a project with a tight (or no) budget.

This was the situation that New York-based photographer Ian Spanier found himself in when he got a call from Muscular Development magazine. He would be shooting a day in the life of four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler–but he would be doing so without an assistant.

Ian Spanier DIY Bag

Instead of throwing in the towel or shooting with less-than-perfect lighting, Spanier rigged an PhotoFlex OctoDome nxt with a Canon 580ex flash to a hiking backpack. To set up the rig, Ian used a Scope Porter that he found on the LowePro site. He locked that it, stuck a Velcro pad that helped the entire thing move around easier, and he was good to go.

Want to know how Ian managed to set up the entire thing in detail? Then head on over to Ian’s blog to read all about it.

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