Nauticam Announces New 5D Mark III Underwater Housing 0

It looks like Aquatech is not the only one busy making underwater housings for the Canon 5D Mark III as Nauticam recently announced the new NA-5DMKIII.

As the international leader in innovative underwater camera housing technology, Nauticam is pleased to announce support for the 22mp Canon 5D Mark III. The NA-5DMKIII housing builds on Nauticam’s solid reputation for ergonomic functions, extensive control options and ease of operation while upholding the robust quality standards that have become a hallmark of the Nauticam brand. Nauticam takes great pride in delivering excellence well beyond expectations.

The NA-5DMKIII can take your 5D Mark III up to the depths of 100 meters and only weighs 2.8 kilograms.

Nauticam took the design of the renowned NA-7D, which is an underwater housing for the Canon 7D, and refined it in the NA-5DMKIII.

If you can spare $3,600 on June 1st, you can grab the Nauticam NA-5DMKIII for your next underwater photography gig.