Muji Camera: Buttonless Concept Camera That Uses Gestures To Take Pictures 0

Japanese company Muji is known for its minimalism when it comes to product design. That’s why when designer Forrest Radford was tasked to design a camera for the company, he came up with the simplest looking camera that comes with the latest high-end technology.



The small concept product┬áis so simple that you only have to open it to use and close to turn it off. It doesn’t come with buttons. Instead, it requires a set of finger gestures from the user on the camera’s surface to function.

muji-camera-3 muji-camera-4

For specs, it features an 8MP camera with LCD screen, flash, accelerometer, processor, built-in 4GB flash storage, and Lithium Ion battery. For charging and transfer of data, it uses a mini-b USB.


If ever Muji is going to mass produce this camera in the future, they should consider slapping some Wi-Fi connectivity to better compete with smartphones. Other than that, this is perfect as a pure on-the-go point-and-shoot camera.

[Yanko Design]