MS Optical Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 Lens for the Pentax Q 0

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is especially true when you take a look at some of the listings up on eBay. The MS Optical Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 lens for the Pentax Q is obviously far from being anyone’s trash, although three lucky buyers now have one each to call their very own.

I think this is one of the reasons why it pays to look through listings randomly sometimes. The Sonnetar 25mm f/1.1 lens is no longer available on the site, although you can take a look at the listing here.

MS Optical Sonnetar

These lenses are a prototype that was made by MS Optical specifically for the Pentax Q. The man behind the lenses is Miyazaki san, who actually began the entire thing as a hobby. All of the lenses are handmade, so each one that leaves MS Optical is more like a working and functional piece of art.

It might be a good idea to save some searches on eBay so you don’t miss out on some pretty rare lenses the next time around.

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