Moving Gallery that Shows Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955 to 2011 0

The thing with photos is that they don’t just manage to capture a moment in time. With just a single image, photographers can convey emotion, bring back powerful memories, push for peace, and maybe even change the world.

Every year, the World Press Photo organization chooses one photo from over a hundred thousand submissions and awards it with the World Press Photo of the Year award. The winning photo is “not only the photojournalistic encapsulation of the year, but represents an issue, situation or event of great journalistic importance, and does so in a way that demonstrates an outstanding level of visual perception and creativity.”

World Press Photo Winners Gallery

The winner of the 2011 World Press Photo of the Year Award is Samuel Aranda, who captured the image that you see in the second row of the third column above. Aranda now joins the prestigious group of fifty-six photographers who managed to capture captivating moments and enshrine that memory in history.

Now Buzzfeed has created a gallery showing every World Press Photo of the Year winner from the time the award was established. The choice of photographs paints a grim picture of humanity and our history as we speak.

Scroll through the first ten or so images in the gallery and, perhaps, you’ll understand and feel what I mean.

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