Mount Your Smartphone On Your DSLR Camera With Look Lock 1

You’ve probably know by now that smartphones, with their ever improving camera features, are slowly cannibalizing the digital camera industry. Well, probably in the point-and-shoot category. But mobile phones are not yet going to dominate the DSLR market. That’s why, for the meantime, they’re working together via the Look Lock.


Basically, the Look Lock is a smartphone mount for your DSLR camera. By using the device, you’re like harnessing the power of two amazing gadgets in just one set.


The Look Lock features a rock solid aluminum arm that sits on top of your camera’s hotshoe. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPods, and Android phones.


As a photographer, you can already imagine the usefulness of this camera gear. You can use it to play video for kids to make them smile at the camera, let models see themselves while posing, or run a mini teleprompter for a video recording.


If you want this on your camera, you can get the Look Lock at Photojojo for $75.