Mount A Camera Viewfinder On Your iPhone, Literally 0

If you’re the serious type of Phoneotographer, then Photojojo’s iPhone Viewfinder is a smartphone camera accessory that you just might have been looking for all this time.

This innovative device is designed to be attachable to your iPhone’s display screen using a suction mechanism, thus, recreating a traditional DSLR-like shooting experience using a viewfinder.


The iPhone viewfinder features a circular black eyepiece with a suction cup at the other end. And to be able to preview images through the eyepiece, you need to download and run the free Daylight Viewfinder app. The app is responsible for shrinking the iPhone’s live preview to a very small window size that is just right for the camera gadget.


If you don’t mind putting an iPhone close to your face, or the occasional stairs from other smartphone users, then by all means go grab the Photojojo viewfinder for $30.