Morpho Brings Image Stabilization And Defocus Features To Smartphones 0

Even if the smartphone sector is gradually eating up the market of point-and-shoot cameras, it still needs a lot of chewing muscles to take on the higher end of the digital camera industry. Japan’s Morpho is trying to armed mobile phones the weapon it might need to start scratching the surface of that market.

In the recent MWC 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, Morpho showcased new technology features for smartphones that are previously only found on high-end cameras: image stabilization for HD videos and background defocus.

The image stabilization system from Morpho decreases the shakiness of any video shot at 30 fps. However, the final output is cropped at around ten percent.

“What we try to do is calculate the motion between the previous frame and the current frame and try to compensate for that,” Morpho Senior Engineer Kenji Okuma said.


On the other hand, the background defocus feature gives smartphones the capability of separating two images. Using a slider bar, users can control the amount of blur for the background image. Although, Okuma admitted that this feature is not perfect, especially if the foreground image is too far away from the lens.

“We take two pictures with different focus levels and then basically what we try to do is segment the foreground object from the background one,” Okuma stated.

According to Morpho, they are already partnering with some device makers in using their technology. By early next year, we could probably see these features embedded on new smartphones.