More Information About the Olympus OM-D 0

Olympus has done a lot of teasing with their recent “Oh my Goodness!” campaign. The ad made an appearance in the back cover of Amateur Photographer magazine’s current issue, and people have been talking about it ever since.

After a lot of speculation, many enthusiasts believe that the campaign is for a new shooter that might be released from the Olympus OM system called the Olympus OM-D.

Olympus OM-1

Some of the features of the camera have also been leaked. Now even more information has been leaked, including where it will be released, what it will probably look like, and its price:

“The new OM-D model will be offered in the United States, Europe and some Asian countries as the top model of the company’s digital mirrorless interchangeable lens camera series, selling for above 100,000 yen in Japan. The new model resembles the OM-1 film camera and is equipped with high-speed autofocus and image stabilization functionality as well as 16 megapixel resolution.”

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