More Delays for Nikon’s New Shooters: the D4, D800, and D800E 0

More delays have just been posted for some of Nikon’s newest cameras. There is no indication, however, as to whether the cause of the delays was the flooding in Thailand or something else.

The first shipping dates for the following cameras were revealed earlier to be March 20¬†for the D800, April 12 for the D800E, and March 15 for the D4–and take note that these already reflected delays that were announced earlier on.

Nikon Delays

The latest (but still rumored) shipping dates for these shooters are as follows:

  • Nikon D800 – March 22
  • Nikon D800E – April 12 (although B&H Photo lists it as April 16)
  • Nikon D4 – Second half of April

[Nikon Rumors]