Montblanc’s Worldsecond Project Looks to Capture Images From Across The World Simulatenously 0

Now here’s an idea you don’t hear of everyday – an attempt to capture photographs from every corner of the globe at the exact same time. Just a few short years ago anyone coming up with this idea would most likely have been called crazy but thanks to the emergence of Internet enabled smartphones, it now seems quite plausible. So plausible, in fact, that a company by the name of Montblanc is taking it upon themselves to do just that with a project called Worldsecond.

Rather than prompting users to remember an exact time, Montblanc is looking to release an iOS and Android application that will aid in this quest. According to early reports, this application will feature a timer that will count down until the exact moment on every smartphone that it’s installed on. Once the timer reaches zero, the application will snap a photograph and upload it to the cloud where they will then be viewable. Given the scope of this project, regardless of how it turns out, the results are sure to be fascinating providing a glimpse of perspective regarding just how diverse the world is at any given moment.

As of now, Montblanc has not said when they will be releasing the application but they are allowing those who are interested to sign up for a newsletter (which you can hit up here). Additionally, the company has released a promotional video detailing their mission and showing off just how beautiful this idea may end up. Check it out and let us know what you think.