Monster 112MP Camera Can Capture Images of Space in Broad Daylight 0

This is one heck of a digital camera. It’s made by a company known as Spectral Instruments and the camera is a part of their 1110 series. It isn’t a particularly large company but the cameras they produce are unique in their own way. What’s amazing about this camera is that it can photograph the sun and the stars during the day.

The 1110 series camera comes with a 112 megapixel CCD and has no filter of any sorts. It produces noiseless black and white images thanks to being cooled to -100 degrees celcius. The sensor has dimensions of 95 x 95mm which is almost five times the size of the sensor in a medium format camera like the Hasselblad H4D. The sensor can take a staggering amount of light exposure; this is what allows it to capture the stars during the day.

If you would like to see this camera in the hands of normal photographers, spread the word about the 1110 series camera and it might just build up enough interest to fund the development of this camera.