Monochrome Sensor and Winding Lever On New Leica M? 0

With just a few weeks left before the rumored May 10th announcement of the Leica M10, fans are on their toes and restless. And just like any upcoming products, the new Leica M camera hasn’t escape the rumor mill.

Two of the most interesting rumors that have surfaced over the past few weeks are that the new Leica might feature a monochrome sensor and a winding lever.

The rumor was started by Steve Huff on March 22nd in a post entitled “What is to come on May 10th from Leica?” In the article, Huff mentioned a Black and White Monochrome M.

The next day, Christakis Schinis responded to Huff’s post with his own “The Perfect Digital Leica M” article, where he mentioned not only the monochrome M, but also a winding lever.

Both articles are a good read for any true Leica fan, so be sure to check them out. And if you happen to know of any other Leica rumors, don’t hesitate to send them our way.

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