Moment: High-Quality, Portable Lenses For iOS and Galaxy Smartphone Cameras 0

Last year, Sony took mobile photography up to a new level by unveiling the QX lens cameras. And early this month, a couple of other companies entered the race with their own versions of the said mobile accessory. While the external lenses equip the smartphone’s cameras with better sensors, it’s still quite bulky and brings back memories of point-and-shoots. That’s where the Moment camera lens differentiates itself from the rest of the crop.

moment-smartphone-camera-lens-1 moment-smartphone-camera-lens

The Kickstarter project is a beautiful portable lens that’s made small and compact, just enough to be rightfully called a true mobile device accessory. Using 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing cinematic lenses, co-founder Marc Barros and co. created these prototype lenses to enable smartphone cameras to take high-quality images.



Moment lenses are available in two versions: a wide-angle lens and telephoto zoom lens called Moment Wide and Moment Tele, respectively.¬†You can mount the Moment lens — via a thin metal plate — by rotating it onto a phone’s rear camera, with or without a case.

moment-smartphone-camera-lens-3 moment-smartphone-camera-lens-4 moment-smartphone-camera-lens-5


You can get either of the Moment lenses by pledging $49 for each, or $100 for both. However, good luck if you can still backed the project as it is way beyond it’s expected funding goal. Moment is scheduled to be delivered on June 2014.

[Moment via T3]