Modified GoPro Hero3 Compatible With C-Mount Lenses 0

The Novo Digital Camera from View Factor is a customized GoPro Hero3 that can accept any C-Mount lens. If you’re wondering why it doesn’t even look like a Hero3, it’s because the Novo uses a new housing specially made by View Factor.


The camera features a thinner, lightweight aluminum body, adjustable back focus ring, and multiple mounting points. The internal CPU is designed to “interfaced to the camera” and allows users to control the auto exposure. Aperture is manually adjustable through the lens. The front buttons are assignable to different settings depending on the user’s application.


Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of assembling such a modified GoPro camera, View Factor is not going to mass produced the camera. However, those who are interested in testing out the Novo, the company has partnered with Radiant Images in Los Angeles for a rental program.


Daily rental rate for the Novo is $250, and weekly rate is $750. The kit comes with custom geared C-Mount lenses and other accessories.

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