MMI Cam: Remote-Controlled, Great for Surveillance 0

The MMI Cam looks like a typical camera, except that it’s not, because it’s exclusively for remote use. That means you won’t be able to use it to snap photos since it doesn’t have a display on the unit itself, but it’s controllable via a bundled app for your smartphone instead.

Because of these features, it can make a pretty good surveillance camera, like the Groundbot Mobile Surveillance Robot, but in a different, different way.

MMI CamWith the app, you can fiddle and adjust the white balance, focus, and camera angle settings. You can also choose to upload and share your photos on the fly as soon as you snap them from within the App.

The camera unit itself comes with several connectors so you can take a picture anytime, anywhere. The MMI Cam also has a built-in kick stand and a standard tripod connector. It was designed by Or Leviteh and isn’t available for purchase yet, although you can access a Flash demo of the App on his site, if you’re interested.

[TechnaBob via Or Leviteh]