MiVeu POV Chest Mount for iPhone 0

While camera releases stole the show at this year’s CES, there were quite a few interesting and often very useful accessories that also made their mark. One of these accessories – and a cheaper way to get GoPro style videos at a fraction of the price – is the new MiVeu Chest Mount for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

This rugged case – designed with the extreme sports enthusiast in mind – consists of a high impact cover which locks securely into a mounting system, and can then be strapped to your chest or any other body parts/gear you can confidently tighten it too.¬†To make for a better video experience the high impact cover is also equipped with a durable glass lens, which extends your iPhone’s viewing angle; and as a final flourish the shutter button on the impact case is big enough to be used with bulky gloves on.

Ringing up at $80, this may seem like an expensive case; but considering the versatility of the mount and the fact that most people already have an iPhone tagging along with them on all of their outdoor adventures, it’s a small price to pay to capture high quality POV video.

And if a chest mount isn’t your thing, then MiVeu has also released a universal bracket mount for $20 which can zip tie to ski poles and roll bars alike – allowing you to get a more¬†interesting, if not more dangerous view.

[MiVeu via GizModo]