MIT Creates Camera That Can See Around Corners 0

A while back we shared a story about some MIT researchers who had developed a special ultra-high-speed camera that could take pictures so fast it actually visualized photons. Well, MIT is at it again, this time having completed preliminary work on a camera that can actually see around corners.

At first blush the idea is absolutely ludicrous. Cameras capture light, so how can you take a picture of something when you can’t see it, or rather the light exposing it? Apparently, according to Scientific America, you do it like this:

The technology is not unlike using sonar, only you replace pulses of sound with pulses of light.

For now this new frontier in imaging is aimed at military application, the reasons for which should be obvious (seeing people around corners could potentially save many lives in a military scenario). However, for now, the technology is still some ways away from being ready for this type of use, as the image takes minutes to form. And although consumer applications haven’t even been speculated yet, being able to take photos around corners has to be worth something to a photographer or two.

[Scientific America via Gizmodo]