meMINI Wearable Camera Lets You Record Life’s Best Moments As They Happen In HD Video 0

How would you like to have the ability to capture those funny moments with your wife or husband, your baby’s “firsts”, or your pet’s special talents as they happen? Let’s face it, life’s best moments tend to happen spontaneously.

That’s exactly what meMini is trying to solve. The meMini is the world’s first Wi-Fi enabled wearable camera that is, at the time of writing, trying to raise funds on the Kickstarter site.

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The “lifelogging” camera is design to save your favorite moments, right after they happen. Using a special software called Recall, the meMini allows you to record the last 5 seconds or minutes of footage with a press of a button, all in 1080 HD video.

memini-2 memini-recall


Wearing the device is also made easier with the Magnatach technology, which is a magnetic back plate that allows you to put meMini anywhere on your clothing. All videos captured are wirelessly sent to your preferred storage locations.


You can get the meMini by pledging at least $149 or $169.

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