Meet Twig, iPhone Owners’ New Best Friend. 0

Meet the Twig.

Don’t you just love the type of inventions that are 2 things in 1? I do. So when I came across the adorable and nifty Twig on Kickstarter, my jaw dropped at its cleverness. This is the kind of invention that has you saying “I wish I thought of that!”  You would think that by now the miles-long list of iPhone accessories would be tapering off or slowing down. Think again! It’s still just the beginning 😉

Inspired by the cartoon character Gumby, the Twig is the solution to your always-tangled, headache-inducing, teeth-gritting, frustrating iPhone cables (okay maybe I’m being too dramatic here, but hey, it’s a fact: those cables get tangled all the time and it IS annoying!)  The Twig is a portable cable for the iPhone that acts as both a tripod/stand and a charging dock.  It can be bent into 3 modes: tripod, landscape, and charger.

The Twig’s features include:

  •   ultra-portable cable
  •   bend it on-the-go
  •   photo tripod mode
  •   wall charger mode
  •   earbud cord wrap
  •   widescreen mode
  •   hands-free FaceTime

If you’re someone who takes (or watches) a lot of video or Face Times frequently with family members — or let’s face it, just simply don’t want to deal with tangled wires anymore — a Twig would probably be a smart buy. Personally, I don’t have an iPhone (I have an Android phone instead) but if I had an iPhone, you bet I would be pledging $20 and getting my own. My next phone may be an iPhone though… hmmm.

Check out the video below on how the Twig was invented, pretty awesome.

This little piece of genius was invented by a company called 3D Product, based in Portland, OR. I checked out their website and they have plenty of other tech goodies. I’m sure all of you TogTech readers will enjoy looking through them.