Meet The 100 0

What would happen if 100 differently aged individuals of all different shapes and sizes came together for one collaborative effort? We don’t know, and it’s safe to say no one else does either. The team behind The 100, however, is looking to find out.

This project, dubbed “The 100,” is the creative brainchild of Matthew Knight. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Knight is the founder of the Disposable Memory Project. Said project aims for individuals to leave cameras around the world that will then be returned. The photographs are then uploaded to the project’s website to showcase what it’s like around the world through the eyes of its inhabitants.

The 100 is essentially the same thing on a smaller scale, but with a catch. This endeavor calls for 100 cameras to be sent to 100 different individuals; the catch is that each individual must be of a different age between 1 and 100. In theory, this will provide for an incredibly interesting array of starkly contrasting images.

Just how successful this project will be remains unkown as it is definitely a tall order to fill — especially within a year. But it’s already well underway, with many of the cameras having already been collected. I, for one, am very enthusiastic about this project, as it will be highly interesting to see just how much the pictures differ between ages.

In order to succeed, however, The 100 Project needs you. Volunteer yourself or nominate someone you know for participation at the project’s website.

[The 100] via [POPphoto]