Meet CMY, The Concept Camera For The Instagram-Crazed Generation 0

If you’re fond of instant photos like the ones from a Polaroid camera or a photo booth, then you won’t mind knowing CMY (pronounced si-mee), a concept camera from designer Yanika Tinaphongs. Just like the DUO Concept Camera, the CMY is a point-and-shoot camera that features simple controls and a digital screen at the back. To turn it on, you only need to pull it from its case, and push back in to turn it off. The shutter button is on top of the side lever, which you can tilt backward and forward for zooming in and out. You can also timed your photos by twisting the shutter button like a kitchen timer. And if you think this little camera is already cool enough, wait till you hear this: you can print photos instantly using CMY’s built-in printer. Unfortunately, this is still an idea on paper, so to speak. Oh well, let’s just wait for the Instagram-inspired Socialmatic camera to be finally announced.

cmy-camera-2 cmy-camera-3

[Yanko Design]