Mattebox Resurrects The Konica Hexar Into Your iPhone 0

In some cases, newer isn’t always better. It’s a fact that older camera models eventually go out of production to make way for newer ones. But there will always be those people who still prefer these retro shooters: either because they can only achieve certain effects with these cameras, or simply because they prefer old school.


This is the reason why there are camera auctions that feature shooters for collectors, and it’s also the reason why some old camera models are eventually turned into apps for iPhones. In the case of the Konica Hexar, it’s the latter.


The Hexar finds itself reincarnated in the Mattebox app for iOS. This app was created by photographer and developer Ben Syverson, who decided to model his app after the legendary P&S camera that made its debut in the market in 1993.

The Hexar was a luxury shooter that gave professionals the power they desired, but it was also a simple enough shooter for the complete beginner.

Here are some of the app’s features:

• Viewfinder with unobtrusive brightlines
• Innovative dual-stage shutter release.
• One-touch white balance.
• Immediate shutter speed, focal distance and ISO feedback display.
• Six built-in image adjustments.
• 32-bit per channel, linear light rendering.
• Exposure adjustment features automatic highlight recovery.

You can get Mattebox from the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

[Peta Pixel]