Massive 1970s Fisheye Lens Available For Just $160,000 0

There’s never a shortage of accessories you can purchase to enhance your photography, ranging from software like Photoshop to ultra magnifying lenses. However, once in a while something truly bizarre appears; something so bizarre that only the most hardcore of photography enthusiasts would be insane enough to even think about adding it to their collection. Such was the case today.

What you see above is a massive, ridiculous-looking fisheye lens created as a protoype in the 1970s. Originally debuted at the Photokino expo in Cologne, Germany this Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 lens isn’t  a lens that you would want to mess with. Clocking in at 7-inches long with a diameter of 10-inches and weighing over 11 pounds this lens provides a massive angle of 220-degrees. Unfortunately, due to reasons that don’t need explaining (i.e. too ridiculous), the Fisheye-Nikkor never made its way into production and, as mentioned above, only exists as a prototype proof of concept.

However, if you find yourself lusting over the lens and have nearly a quarter million US dollars just sitting around you’re in luck. High-end photography shop Grays of Westminister, located in London, is carrying the lens for a whopping $160,000. Practical? Not at all. Out of this world awesome? You bet.

[Grays of Westminister via Gizmodo]