Maria Zarazua’s Parte De Ti is a Photography Series Devoted to Identical Twins 0

The best thing about art is that there are no limits to what the artist chooses to come up with. The same goes for photography. No one can dictate or set any boundaries to what the photographer can or cannot shoot.

Maria Zarazua Twins

Alexander Harding chose to shoot amazing images where light was his subject in Visible Light. Zander Olsen made it his masterpiece to shoot linen-wrapped trees to photograph optical illusions. And then there’s Maria Zarazua, who has devoted her entire career to photographing identical twins.

Maria Zarazua Twins

Maria has traveled far and wide to find her physically identical but (most likely) internally unidentical subjects. At least, that’s her goal in her project: to show the intimate relationship that exists between each set of twins, yet also emphasize their uniqueness as separate individuals.

You can view more photos from Parte de Ti (which translates to “Part of You” in English) on Maria’s website.

[Xatakafoto via Peta Pixel]