Manfrotto Targets Women With New Lino Apparel 0

Manfrotto, makers of the popular Lino Apparel Collection, recently announced a new line of clothing made specially for women photographers. The designers of Manfrotto have gone against the norm with the new Lino women gear. Instead of choosing a more womanly shade, they’ve decided to go all black.

The Lino women cloths include the Pro Photo Best ($229), Pro Field Jacket ($349), Pro Soft Shell Jacket ($169), and Pro Air Jacket ($159), which, by the way, will all look good together with Think Tank’s new camera bags.

The Pro Photo Best (shown above) and Pro Field Jacket features are:

  • Main pockets hold the removable modular pocket inserts, and the weight distribution system connects the pocket to the shoulders and transfers the weight ergonomically
  • Designated epaulets secure the camera strap in place while the shoulder pad inserts cushion the load of the camera or bag Includes anti-tilt securing tabs for the camera strap
  • Modular pocket inserts fit inside main pockets, which can accommodate two lenses (24-70)
  • Integrated microfiber cleaning cloth in the jacket’s sleeve

Pro Field Jacket

While the Pro Soft Shell Jacket features are:

  • Textured shoulders to stop your camera from slipping
  • Side entry chest pockets
  • Compact camera pocket
  • Thumb holes in the sleeves to keep your hands warm

Pro Soft Shell Jacket

Lastly, the Pro Air Jacket features are:

  • Wind and waterproof
  • Folds into a pouch
  • Two pockets for your gear
  • Built-in hood and visor

Pro Air Jacket

All of the above women Lino apparel are available in XS and 3L sizes.

If you’re interested to purchase any of the new women gear, you can save by using the Lino mail-in rebates, which are good until the end of July. Save $80 for the Pro Photo Best, $100 for the Pro Field Jacket, $119 for the Pro Soft Shell Jacket, and $109 for the Pro Air Jacket.

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