Manfrotto Announces New Collection Of LED Lights 0

Lights, Camera and Action! No I have not  landed a covetable job as an AD with a Spielberg or even a Brad Bird (if only).  It’s the new Manfrotto LED Lights that have inspired such an enthusiastic shout out.

The newly announced Manfrotto collection of LED lights have been targeted at both the photo enthusiast and the professional and lends the art of photography a brand new perspective. Designed keeping in mind the current crop of video-enabled digital cameras, SLRs and digital camcorders, the six different models guarantee a perfect chromatic output for both photograph and video capture and seek to add a new dimension to photography.

manfrotto LED lights

Prices start from  £39.95 and since the idea here is to illuminate both indoor areas and outdoor locations, there is something for everyone. Functional, lightweight and convenient, the new Manfrotto LED lights are nifty little accessories to have in your  photographic kit, so maybe its time to think beyond the ubiquitous flash and ditch those oversized studio lights. To learn more about lighting (as it is a tricky subject), check our post on Lighting Diagram here.