Mamiya Digital + Leaf Imaging = New “Mamiya Leaf” Brand 0

Collaborations between two or more digital imaging firms are fairly common. Sometimes, they become more than just collaborations per se. For example, if one company is in financial trouble, then it becomes a buy-out or takeover, like what might happen with Olympus and TPG Capital.

But most of the time, two firms come together to create a new line of products or forge a brand that promises to bring consumers the best of both worlds. Kind of like what Mamiya Digital Imaging and Leaf Imaging just did.


From their joint venture, the brand Mamiya Leaf was born, along with a series of Mamiya Leaf Digital Camera Systems. Mamiya is a manufacturer and developer of medium-format cameras and optics, while Leaf Imaging is a manufacturer of digital backs for the medium and large-format photography markets.

Mamiya Leaf will represent a combination of the best technology that both brands have to offer. Photographers can expect unified support from various Mamiya Leaf partners and distributors fall over the world, as the brand is making customer service and satisfaction a top priority.

The Mamiya Leaf medium digital system includes a wide variety of equipment that ranges from 22 to 80 megapixels. The bodies of the shooters are manufactured by Mamiya, whereas the digital backs are made by Leaf.

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