Make Your Own Remote Controlled Dolly MacGuyver Style 0

Being good with your hands yields a multitude of benefits. Not only will you become popular with your preferential gender but you’ll probably be able to solve a lot of life’s mysteries with a paperclip, some duct tape and a lot of elbow grease. Take for example a DIY motion controlled dolly we showed you not too long ago and the benefits of being a handy man (or woman) photographer become quite apparent.

However, perhaps having a motion controlled dolly isn’t up your alley; perhaps you want something that has a bit more control with, say, a remote. Well then, my aspiring MacGuyver, you’re in luck. The masterminds behind Jacques Productions recently posted up a video showing off a remote controlled table dolly they made themselves. The best part about this particular build is: not only is it highly practical, but you’ll finally be able to put that roller skate from your days as a roller disco junkie to use.

Of course, past the roller skate (which you may or may not have) you’re going to need to accrue a receiver unit, a lithium polymer battery, a servo and some other stuff but the results do make for something highly usable. In fact, if you actually manage to pull this off it may be hard for anyone to tell that your DSLR is actually situated on a recommissioned roller skate – that’s just how fluid these shots seem to be.

[Jacques Productions via DIYPhotography]