Make Your Own $30 Rolling Camera Bag 0

Those who feel that a camera phone or simple point-and-shoot is good enough have the advantage of being able to house their shooter in a pocket. Serious photographers, on the other hand, don’t enjoy such luxury. Not only would you be hard pressed to find a DSLR capable of fitting in a pocket (or a pocket capable of fitting a DSLR for that matter), when you add in some necessary accessories things quickly get messy. Of course there is no shortage of manufacturers offering high quality bags that will safely house your camera and all extra accouterments. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to really secure your camera, and perhaps the added luxury of being able to roll the bag around, you’re going to be forced to pay quite the premium.

For all of you DIYers out there, the folks over at FStoppers have managed to come up with a solution. Utilizing a standard rolling suit case and a $30 Calamut  rolling bag insert they were able to create a high quality rolling camera bag on the cheap. The only catch here is the fact that you would actually need to have a rolling suit case at your disposal, but chances are good you have one laying around.

Setting up the makeshift bag is as simple as placing the Calamut insert into the rolling suit case and voila, you’re finished and you’ve saved a boatload of cash along the way. As FStoppers pointed out, this solution has quite a few benefits over a traditional rolling camera bag. First and foremost, should you need an extra suit case when traveling all you need to do is pop out the insert and you have just that. Additionally, due to the fact that this project uses a bag meant to be used as a suit case, it doesn’t bear an emblem that would let passerbys know that expensive camera equipment can be found inside.

So there you go — for $30, a rolling suit case, and a bit of elbow grease you can have yourself a fine-looking and highly-useable rolling camera bag. Even better, the DIY nature of this project allows you to add in your own flare and customize the bag to further to suit your needs. If you come up with anything cool be sure to let us know about it in the comments below.