Magnetic Mini Retro Camera: Your Very Own Spy Gadget 0

For those James Bond wannabes, here’s something that you might find very interesting: the JTT Chobi Cam Retro.

This camera is perfect for your espionage projects because it’s very small. It’s capable of taking 1280×1024 resolution photos and 720×480 (maximum of 24fps) videos, all stored in a 32GB microSD card.

Unlike the Mini Canon 5D Mark III camera, the Chobi Cam is capable of attaching to any metal surface due to its magnetic back.

Even if someone notices the mini camera attached to the wall, they might ignore it thinking it’s just a toy due to its old analog DLR form factor.

If you’re ready to record videos or take photos of fun little secrets, like who’s been taking all those cookies in the cookie jar, go find out and order the Chobi Cam Retro for around $100.

[Japan Trust Technology]