Magic Lantern Coming Soon to the Canon 5D Mark III 0

All sorts of fun is to be had if you’re good with programming and know the inner workings of your camera’s firmware. One example of this was when some folks created an unofficial Star Wars themed firmware update for the Nikon D5100. If you’re still learning how to do this on your Nikon shooter then you’re in luck, because the Nikon firmware emulator was made available for download last March.

The only issues is that it seems like Canon owners are missing out on all the modded firmware action–until now, that is. Canon owners may soon be getting in on that action now that Magic Lantern is supposedly being be ported to the Canon 5D Mark III.

Magic Lantern

The Magic Lantern firmware is a free software that adds cinematography features to the Canon 5D Mark II.

Initial tests by the Magic Lantern team showed the hack working on the Mark III, although it might take a few more weeks (or even months) before a stable version will be made available for download. This news comes just days after Canon posted a firmware update for the Mark III shooter.

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