Madeleine Camera Lets You Record Smells For A Unique ‘Emotional Memory’ 0

If the 3D Pentax Concept Camera is the “blind camera“, then designer Amy Radcliffe’s Madeleine is the “smell camera”. Yep, that’s right, it looks like sight may not be the only human sense that can be recorded in the future. Madeleine is technically an “analogue odour camera”, which means it records a smell’s molecular information. Radcliffe described the whole process as “scent-ography”. “Our sense of smell is believed to have a direct link to our emotional memory. It is the sense that we react to most instinctually and also the furthest away from being stored or replicated digitally,” Radcliffe said. Basically, the device captures the smell of an object using its glass dome. The extracted smell is then transferred to Madeleine’s main unit through tubes connecting both parts. A resin trap within the main unit absorbs all the smells. You can then send the smell’s recorded data to a specialized lab, which in turn converts the information into a bronze disk that shows the formula, and a couple of vials containing the artificial scent of the smell. Currently, Radcliffe is planning to take her design further by working with any interested fragrance laboratories.

Madeleine-smell-camera-1 Madeleine-smell-camera-2 Madeleine-smell-camera-3

[PetaPixel via Gizmag]