Macro Converters Gives You Close-Focus Options With Your Lensbaby Shooter 0

While Lensbaby has released a variety of lens types over the years, they have yet to come up with an adapter that let shooters capture their subjects up close and personal–until now, that is.

Lensbaby Macro Converter

Last February 2, Lensbaby announced the release of the Macro Converters. These are the company’s new macro photography accessories that are compatible with the Lensbaby lens bodies and optics. When used, photographers can shoot close-up images that look “dreamy and artistic” while blurring out any distracting elements.

Craig Strong, Lensbaby President and Co-Founder, said: “These Macro Converters offer great close-up range, and when mixed and matched with our existing Macro Kit, provide even more options for creative Lensbaby macro photography.”

Lensbaby Macro Converter

The Macro Converters are available as sets that contain one 8mm converter and one 16mm converter. Both of these can be stacked up together to come up with a 24mm converter. They are available for purchase from Lensbaby’s website for $50.

[via Imaging Insider]