Macro Cell Lens Band Lets You Take Extremely Close Close-up Shots 1

It’s getting more and more convenient to document your life through photos. This is all thanks to manufacturers and companies integrating cameras into devices such as smartphones and tablets. As an example, take a look at Apple’s extremely popular iPhone.

You can take shots quickly and share them with friends and family right off the bat using apps like Instagram. Aside from that, there are some pretty cool accessories and cases you can fasten onto your smartphone so that you can take even more amazing shots (complete with some cool effects), such as the iPhone Lens Dial and Holga Lens Filter Kit.

Macro Cell Lens Band

Both of those won’t really be of much help when you want to get up close and personal and take some close-up shots. But that’s what the Macro Cell Lens Band was made for.

It’s a simplistic blue band with a close-up lens that you are to position over your iPhone’s camera lens. And since the band can stretch up to a diameter of 16 inches, you can also use it for your tablets, too. (Although we don’t recommend that you stretch it too much, else it might snap and damage your device in the process.)

The Macro Cell Lens Band is available from Photojojo for $15.