Lunchbox Wants To Make Learning Photography Easy To Digest 1

With the rising popularity of smartphones, a lot of people are now becoming more engaged with taking photographs using their mobile phone’s camera. That’s the reason why Adii Pienaar, WooThemes founder, Iaan van Niekerk and his wife Christine Meintjes started Lunchbox, an online education site for learning photography or phoneography.

Aside from offering a series of video lessons, the founders also added gamification to the whole process to make it exciting and engaging. If you’re familiar with Foursquare, then you already have an idea about the concept of getting badges, points, and other rewards that you get from completing a task.

The courses offered by Lunchbox are targeted for beginners to advanced users, whether they are using a compact camera, DSLR, or smartphones. And that’s not all, users will also learn lessons that will teach them how to market, manage clients, creating a brand, and other tips on how to run a photography business.

Lunchbox has also made their site accessible via mobile devices, so it’s easier for any user to learn photography wherever they may be.

If you’ve been wanting to learn photography for a long time and haven’t done so because you haven’t found the time, you can try Lunchbox for $29 per month. Although, you  may have to wait a little bit because the startup is still in their beta testing phase. But you can sign up for a chance to join their limited private beta user pool.