Lumus Debuts Wearable Display Glasses at CES 2012 0

Lumus DK-32

Lumus DK-32 Wearable Display

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (also known as CES), technology company Lumus debuted a pair of glasses and a monocle that allows the wearer to view photos and video on the display (the lens of the glasses or monocle) while also being able to view what is in front of them, as if the lenses were made of glass.

Engadget reports that the wearable displays produced images in 720p resolution and are 3D capable, which lead to crisp images and streaming YouTube videos. ┬áThe Lumus DK-32 glasses and PD-18-4 monocle were both very lightweight– with the display itself only weighing 32 grams.

Lumus states that the D-32 glasses can provide wearers with the option to view content anytime and will “[open] your eyes to [a] whole new world of Augmented Reality.” A navigation program and phone UI mockup are still in development, but many speculate that this is the beginning of wearable displays becoming commonplace among regular technology users who want to access photos, videos, and more anytime they wish.

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Photo Courtesy of Lumus.