Lumu: Your iPhone As Light Meter 0

It looks like almost every gadget nowadays are connected with our smartphones in one way or another. And camera gears are no exception. The latest device that has succumbed to the mobile phone’s allure is the light meter. The startup company responsible for that is Lumu Labs, and the product is simply called Lumu.

Dubbed by its makers as “the world’s smartest light meter,” the Lumu is a digital light meter sans the bulkiness and costs. Instead of the traditional form factor that we’re accustomed to, the Lumu only uses a small round device that you can plug into the headphone jack of an iPhone. It relies on the iPhone for its processing and power. To get started using Lumu, you only need to access the app that comes with it.


“You take your iPhone or your iPod and plug it in and it’s going to recognise it, and it sets all of the parameters for your unique environment. So you put in your ISO that you use in your film or your digital camera, the aperture you want to use and then it calculates the time,” says Benjamin Polovic, co-founder of Lumu.

However, the current prototype doesn’t allow you to wirelessly send Lumu’s suggested settings to your camera, you’ll have to do it manually. But Lumu Labs stated that they’re planning to include a Bluetooth dongle for wireless connectivity.

Are you excited to get one? Well, you’ll have to wait for about a month, because the startup is still in the planning stage of launching a Kickstarter project for its funding. But you’ll be glad to know that the device will only cost $99 when it becomes available.

[Lumu via TechCrunch]