LRTimelapse – Essential Software for Timelapse Photography 0

I haven’t tried out the software myself yet, but I am itching to do so.  It comes highly recommended from Holger Mette and really looks like it would solve problems I have been having with timelapse (flicker, having to shoot in JPG and shooting difficult light transitions).  When shooting a timelapse, I have been shooting in JPG, but with this software you can easily edit and work with RAW files, which to me, is gold.

LRTimelapse is Donation Ware, ie. free but show your appreciation with a little cash.

Here’s a demo timelapse the software creator created

and few instructional videos for the software

[vimeo  20300232]

Lastly, here’s a super timelapse from Holgs

[LRTimelapse via MicrostockGroup]