This Louis Vuitton Camera Bag Is Almost As Expensive As Your DSLR Camera 0

How does a camera accessory with a $3,500 price tag sound to you? If it’s too expensive, then I’m sure you won’t grab the Louis Vuitton Camera Bag that comes with that whopping price — for a men’s bag. But if you want a matching luxury bag for your Hasselblad camera, then by all means go grab one. The Louis V bag, which is designed to pack small and medium-sized shooters, is made of Damier Graphite canvas. And if you still have some spare cash left, you may want to get the matching wallet and belt for only $470 each. For those on the budget-friendly side, you might want to find out about the equally-stylish, but affordable, Miggo All-In-One Camera Strap and Case.

louis-vuitton-camera-bag-1 louis-vuitton-camera-bag-2 louis-vuitton-wallet-belt

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