Lost & Found Project: Reuniting Lost Photographs With Their Rightful Owners 0

We all know how disastrous earthquakes, fires, and tsunamis can be. When there’s a fire, it isn’t just a house that’s burning down; what’s also being engulfed in flames are a lifetime of memories, treasured possessions, and family heirlooms and mementos including photographs and albums.

Back in the days of film photography, the only remembrance that people had of their past were their photographs. Of course, they’ll always have the memory in their minds, but nothing beats going down memory lane with an old photograph in hand.

Lost & Found

With this in mind, the Lost & Found Project was born. You might recall the massive and extremely damaging earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last year. So what these volunteers from Lost & Found do is scour damaged homes and structures for photographs. They then wash, digitize, and number the images so they can be reunited with their original owners.

The photographs that have not yet been claimed are being displayed in exhibitions all over the world. Some are also collected into posters, which are then printed out and sold. The profits from sold posters then go towards shelters in Japan or to organizations that buy classroom materials for damaged schools.

To me, the Lost & Found Project combines art, compassion, and charity, all into one clever movement.

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