Log Your Life With A Personal Flying Video Camera 0

Last year, we’ve reported about Memoto, a small life-logging video camera that you can hook on your shirt’s collar. This year, Always Innovating has upped the ante by introducing MeCam, a little flying camera concept that follows you around.

Other cameras in the life-logging category only record videos on a first person point-of-view. The MeCam, on the other hand, differentiates itself from the pack by having the capability of flying and recording videos that finally includes the lead star: you.


Imagine the MeCam as a small version of a drone copter, complete with four rotors. It is armed with 14 sensors that aid the flying device from hitting anything or anyone, plus a stabilizer to prevent shaky videos.

You can pair the MeCam with a smartphone in order to view live stream videos, which you can then upload to social media channels. However, the gadget does not include a remote control. Instead, the MeCam is controllable via voice commands or through its “follow-me” function, which basically tells the flying paparazzi to stalk you around.

Features of the MeCam includes the company’s own module, which is packed with an ARM Cortex-A9 processor, 1GB RAM, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.


According to Always Innovating, the MeCam is expected to have a price of around $50. The company is also planning to license the MeCam’s design so that others can build and release similar products by 2014.