Living in the Stills’ “Cheat Sheet” Keeps Amateurs On Point 0

Picking up a DSLR for the first time can be a daunting task. Even with many newer introductory models like Canon’s T3 becoming more user-friendly, understand the difference between aperture, exposure, and ISO can drive many aspiring photogs crazy.

Fortunately, Living in the Stills has posted a cheat sheet┬áto help sort through the initial confusion and get you taking photos without having to break open the user’s manual every couple of minutes. The sheet covers all of the basics, from exposure, to aperture, to shutter speed and ISO; all with useful notes explaining concepts like “depth of field,” “overexposed,” and “underexposed.” They even included separate pictures for Canon and Nikon’s individual light meters to avoid confusion.

The sheet certainly won’t be much use to professionals – you’d be much better off taking advantage of the Nikon D4 instructional webinar in a few days – but for the amateur just starting out it’ll make a great addition to your first camera bag.

[Living in the Stills via Gizmodo]