Limited Edition Nikon Gold DSLR Rigs Now Available from Redrock Micro 0

After months of speculation, both the Nikon D800 and Nikon D4 were finally announced to much fanfare. As several sources have revealed, both cameras will be shipping sometime next month: March 15 for the D4, and March 22 for the D800.

If you’ve still got some extra cash to burn and are in the mood to get some fancy gear after pre-ordering the cameras, then you might want to look into these limited edition gold DSLR rigs from Redrock Micro.

Nikon Gold Rig

These rigs for Nikon’s latest HD video DSLRs have the same configuration and boast the same quality as the standard Redrock editions. The obvious difference is that they’ve been accented with Nikon’s signature gold and midnight black accent colors.

The three rigs being offered in the Nikon Gold series include:

  • Captain Stubling, which is a compact, action-style, hand-held rig including support and focus control with the microFollowFocus
  • RunningMan, which is a compact rig with a microBrace body pad and microHandGrip that helps deliver sturdy points of contact for ultra-stable shots
  • Field Cinema Deluxe V2 Bundle, which is a comprehensive package for converting video DSLRs into useful cinema production rigs

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