Lightroom 3 On Sale Once Again – Only $89.99 on Amazon 0

Lately it seems as if every online retailer is trying to get rid of their remaining stock of Adobe products before this year’s updated versions arrive. First we had B&H Photo selling Lightroom 3 for a measly $69.95, then Adobe themselves released a coupon code (which is still active I might add) that gives students and faculty access to Photoshop CS5 Student/Teacher Extended for only $39.80, and now Amazon is jumping on the bandwagon by dropping their price and offering¬†Lightroom 3 for $89.99.

So, if you’ve been kicking yourself for not taking advantage of the discount earlier this month, or if you want to save some money on Lightroom 4, here’s your chance. If the past is any indication, it should be much cheaper to go with Lightroom 3 at this price and then pay for the upgrade rather than buying Lightroom 4 outright when it releases.

Whatever you decide though, don’t wait too long. I ordered my $69.95 copy of Lightroom 3 from B&H Photo¬†after it had already gone to backorder, and it only just shipped February 28th. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm… or in this case the expensive and very useful photography software.