Lightplot Lets You Paint with Light as Your ‘Ink’ 0

The great thing about art is that it’s limitless and virtually has no boundaries. Something what you consider beautiful could look atrocious to someone else, and vice versa. So now might be a good time to ask you what your take on light art is, because that’s exactly what Ben Cowell-Thomas’s Lightplot is all about.

Lightplot started out as an NXT experiment, which eventually turned into a more serious (but still fun) project. It’s basically a light painting robot that’s comprised of a huge robotic arm, a tiny LED, and some kick-ass animation-to-movement software, which can control both the robotic arm and the camera shutter to create beautiful light painting animations.

Here’s a demo video that shows the Lightplot in action:

Curious about the results? Thomas put together this test animation video of a dancer that’s painted by light. Prepare to be amazed:

[DIY Photography]