Lexar Wants You To Never Change Cards Again With New 256GB SDXC Memory Card 0

It looks like Sekonic is not the only one to announce a “world’s first” product this month, as Lexar has also unveiled the first ever 256GB SDXC format memory card: the Lexar Professional 400x SDXC UHS-I.

With this large capacity card, both photographers and videographers will greatly benefit from its capability of storing a huge number of HD photos and videos. It also features a read speed of at least 60MB per second.

“Professional photographers and videographers are being tapped to capture more HD video, in addition to still photos, when out on assignment. These new demands often leave them with less time and resources to shoot. High-performance, high-capacity cards like this one enables these photographers to gain back time normally wasted on changing cards or transferring images,” according to Manisha Sharma, a Lexar product manager.

However, with the card’s big space and high speed, it also requires the user to have a similar fast reader.

Michael Zhang of PetaPixel has a nice explanation on why you don’t want to grab one of these:

First off, as is commonly said, it’s not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. If you shoot an entire important event or job using this card, experiencing a card failure would be absolutely devastating.

[…] The second reason is the price: this card will cost a whopping $900 when it hits shelves in October 2012. That’s right: nine Benjamins. To put that into perspective, Lexar’s 32GB 400x SDHC card currently costs about $37. You get 256GB by buying 8 of those cards. Total price? $296.

In short, Zhang is saying that you’re only paying those hefty price for its mere convenience. But if you’re the type who’d like to save everything in just one place, then by all means, go buy one for yourself.